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Why you want a centralised MFT solution…

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stock-connection-chaosI regularly visit organisations that are in a state of complete disarray due to an explosion of new file-transfer and software interfaces. This can simply be because the IT Department has attempted to quickly respond to multiple requests and to demands from the business. As a result of these time and resource pressures documentation is often poorly maintained, and sometimes not updated at all. This in turn, hinders and often delays successful upgrades, migrations, and individual changes. Without adequate documentation and governance the current status cannot be accurately determined and this can also have a considerable knock-on effect when making a change e.g. a business-critical connection with a trading partner or system gets overlooked, or fails, causing damage to your relationship and reputation.

Sound familiar? Is this also happening in your organisation?

Fortunately there is a solution available from Linoma software (see which ensures that all transfers are centrally managed and controlled, and encrypted in accordance with industry-standard and legal requirements. Linoma GoAnywhere MFT (Managed File Transfer) products can handle multiple protocols such as FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and HTTPS, encrypt files using (Open)PGP, and interface with various applications such as databases and MQ servers. All user and file transfer activity is logged centrally to ensure reliability and regulatory compliance whilst satisfying your auditors. Linoma also provides a dedicated application proxy, which when placed in a DMZ (Demilitarised Zone) , ensures that there are no direct inbound connections to your systems. This enables you to comply with complex regulations such as PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) whilst enhancing security.

BlueFinch (see is the authorised supplier of Linoma software solutions Netherlands and Scandinavia and specialises in working with customers and helping them to (re)design and implement MFT solutions by reverse-engineering and reconfiguring existing connections, and creating new ones.

If you would like to learn more about how a centralised MFT solution can save time and reduce your organisation’s costs, please contact via email at or call +31 (0)88 258-3346.

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Download free Open PGP software

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GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio™ is a free desktop tool that makes it easy to protect sensitive files using the popular Open PGP encryption standard. Documents can be encrypted, decrypted, signed and verified from your PC or workstation using this intuitive tool.  An integrated key manager allows you to quickly create, import, export and manage Open PGP keys needed to encrypt and decrypt files.

GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio will run on almost any operating system including Windows®, Linux, Mac OS X®, Solaris and UNIX. You can download and install it to your desktop within just a few minutes.

Why Use GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio?

You may be required to store or transmit files that contain sensitive information such as personal data, bank account numbers, financial information or health records. If not properly protected, these files could be vulnerable to attacks by hackers and other unauthorized users. By first encrypting those files with Open PGP, you can add a very high level of security to this data and comply with the latest regulations.

About Open PGP Encryption

Conventional encryption methods uses a single key or password to encrypt and decrypt information. This key or password has to be kept secret, otherwise the data could be compromised by an attacker. The main challenge with this approach is determining how to share the key or password with only the intended recipients in a secure manner.

In contrast, Open PGP encryption is a dual-key (asymmetric) encryption system which uses a combination of a public key and private key. The public key is used to encrypt the file while the corresponding private key is used for decryption. The public key can be shared with your partners using traditional email or FTP since the public key is only used for encryption (it cannot decrypt the data).

Open PGP, also known as GPG, is a popular encryption standard that is supported by popular  commercial PGP solutions. GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio supports a wide variety of encryption  algorithms including AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and TDES  ciphers.

For more information and download please visit: