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Customer review; ICE Services

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ICE Services AB is a world-class supplier of business process outsourcing services for Rights Management companies. Based in Bromma Sweden, ICE Services AB took advantage of the GoAnywhere API for file upload and download integration with their music-documentation database, which is used to maintain and house ownership information for all musical works used throughout Europe.

Linoma spoke with GoAnywhere customer Mats Lidstrom, IT chief architect at ICE Services AB, while attending the 2014 COMMON Annual Meeting and Exposition.

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Q: How has GoAnywhere benefitted your organization?

A: We use the tool not to athutomate everything. It’s not the tool itself that automate[s] the processes for us, but we have our application where we have the processes running and it uses the GoAnywhere tool through the API interfaces.So we easily can maintain the new accounts when we have to add them. And possibly in the future, also let our external parties access the portals to be able to log on to their accounts and drop and drag files to make it easier for them to exchange data we us.

Q: Are you looking to grow your use of GoAnywhere?

A: Additional functionality that exists…we could embrace gradually, so the main functionality to send mails, to scan mailboxes and stuff like that. That I didn’t look at when I selected the tool, but I see that there are more and more things that I can use when we develop things.

We don’t have to invent that. It already exists in GoAnywhere. And we can use them as services through API interfaces and we can then use those functionalities when we need them. So that’s great.

Q: How long did it take to make your first transfer “live” with GoAnywhere?

A: It was very simple to get going and to understand the interface and how to define the projects and everything. How you set up your FTP connections and so forth.

It’s [a] very simple graphical user interface. Made it easy for us to actually…learn it and to use it. The installation took — within a day, we were up running I think.

A great tool that helps us to automate our processes. That’s the most important thing for us.

Q: How long did it take to make your first transfer “live” with GoAnywhere?   

A: Our customers actually have now also started to use GoAnywhere based on our experience and discussions we have had about how they used their old FTP tool and what you could do with the GoAnywhere product.

On the IBM platform it is a perfect fit for the usage we have of it.

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SFTP vs FTPS Best solution for Secure FTP

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With large data breaches taking center stage in the media, many businesses have begun paying close attention to internal practices and taking action to improve internal systems and processes. As a result, an increasing number of businesses (people) who rely on data transfers are looking to move away from standard FTP in favor of a more secure method.

We are often asked about the key differences between SFTP and FTPS. There are potential pros and cons with each method, which is why businesses should weigh the differences carefully to determine what option would serve them best.

Over the years, we have tried explaining SFTP vs FTPS in a variety of ways. Between lists and charts and drawings, we found that most people were easily able to comprehend unique aspects of each transfer protocol when it was presented visually.

Linoma created the following infographic to highlight the positives and negatives of using SFTP vs FTPS.

sftp vs ftps infographic

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4 Benefits of On-Premises Enterprise File sync and sharing

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Benefits of on-premise EFSS

Too many organizations have underestimated the value of mission-critical business documents.  Some employees may take great risks with sensitive or proprietary information and hope that nothing bad happens.

Today, there’s a new way for your entire organization to easily store documents and enjoy secure collaboration with GoDrive by GoAnywhereTM.  What makes GoDrive unique is the underlying technology, which provides powerful security and access management to make sure your data is safe.

Let’s look at the four biggest benefits of the GoDrive Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) solution:

Better Protection. Cloud-based file sharing services are limited in their ability to protect your sensitive business documents. As high profile service providers, they are under increased threat of attack by hackers, as seen in recent headlines regarding security concerns and data breaches. In contrast, GoDrive allows you to store your sensitive documents on your server of choice, providing you with local security and management of those documents.

Efficiency and Control. Sending email attachments can be problematic due to file size restrictions or their vulnerability to interception during transmission. The GoDrive EFSS central storage lets you share a document once and continue to make updates, all the while shared users are accessing the most current information.

Convenience. The GoDrive EFSS solution eliminates the need for memory sticks to transport data and the risk associated with using them. Your files can be securely accessed anywhere, anytime with a secure Internet connection and browser.

Easy Sharing. Network drives can be found in nearly every office for sharing files within your department.  However, it’s not so convenient if you want to share files between remote office locations or when working offsite.  EFSS enables you to connect and share simply and easily without boundaries.

GoDrive is built on the proven security features of GoAnywhere ServicesTM.  The intuitive interface is simple for employees and trading partners, and project leaders will appreciate the advanced activity monitoring and email notifications.

Talk to your IT administrator about the security advantages of GoDrive.  FREE full feature trial for evaluation is available.