BAM (Business Activity Monitoring)

BAM is a user-friendly web based Business Activity Monitoring Application for Managed File Transfer (MFT) Products and it provides Analytics, Notifications and Visibility into MFT activities. It is the perfect complement to your MFT platform and is useful for both business and technical users.

With BAM, you are no longer dependent on administrative and support staff to get you information regarding your file transfers. You can search for file transfers, check their statuses and be alerted if expected files have not been delivered on time. This in turn helps you to meet your business critical Service Level Agreements (SLA).

BAM works with HelpSystems GoAnywhere MFT.

BAM Benefits

Save time and money by providing self-service capabilities
You can save money and time by giving your end users self-service capabilities to track file transfers that they are interested in.

Track your business critical file transfers
BAM gives you the ability to track the status of your business critical file transfers and be pro-active in solving any issues that may come up.

Reduces cost associated with administration and support
By giving your end users the ability to track file transfers themselves, your end users do not need to call for help in tracking files and this ends up in freeing up your file transfer administration and supporting staff to focus on other things.

Get visibility of the compliance of Expect Files Service Level Agreements
BAM gives you the ability to see which partners are meeting their Service Level Agreements with respect to expected files.

Use of Charts and Graphs for Business Intelligence

BAM makes use of charts and graphs to show you information that is necessary for Business Intelligence. These include

  • Top 5 Partners by data tansferred
  • Top 5 Partners by Connection
  • Percentage of successful vs failed transactions
  • Trend analysis of inbound vs outbound transaction
  • Statistical Information like Uploads, Downloads


Compare Editions

Feature BAM Standard BAM Enterprise
MFT Server – HelpSystems GoAnywhere pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic.png
Dashboard – Organization pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic.png
Dashboard – My Dashboard pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic.png
Dashboard – Personalization pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic.png
Real-time activity monitoring pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic.png
Fine Grained Access Control pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic.png
Authentication – Active Directory pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic.png
Authentication – BAM Authentication pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic.png
Subscriptions – File Transfer pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic.png
Subscriptions – Solutions pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic.png
Solutions – Business Process Monitoring pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic.png
Notifications pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic.png
Dashboard – Business Units pastedGraphic_1.png pastedGraphic.png
Subscriptions – SLA pastedGraphic_1.png pastedGraphic.png
Business Units pastedGraphic_1.png pastedGraphic.png
Service Level Agreements (SLA) pastedGraphic_1.png pastedGraphic.png