Collaboration (EFFS)

If the employees in your organisation are using cloud based collaboration solutions such as Dropbox, GoogleDrive or TeamSnap to share and synchronise files, there is a risk that you could be unwillingly leaking your most private and valuable information to others, without you knowing or without your permission. Collaboration is often referred to as EFFS (Enterprise File Sync and Sharing).

The solution for these challenges is an “on-premises” innovative file management solution that allows enterprise users to easily collaborate, share and synchronise files. It provides file storage and localised control with extensive security settings, end-to-end encryption and detailed audit trails.

Working together with others by sharing files directly from the desktop or with the provided browser interface. Your employees can quickly invite authorised users to work with their shared folders and files.

Collaboration features include:

  • Easily drag-n-drop files between the desktop and folders
  • Organise files into user-defined folders and subfolders
  • Tag files with search keywords for filtering
  • Manage shared folder access with granular permissions
  • Generate automatic email invitations to shared users
  • Receive email notices when shared files are downloaded or modified by others
  • Set expiration dates on shared folders and files
  • Enter file comments, as well as review comment history from other users
  • View and recover prior versions of files
  • Lock files for restricting access
  • View thumbnail images of graphics files
  • Place files into a recycle bin for future recovery
  • Send download-only links for files through email
  • View history of when files are downloaded, uploaded and modified
  • Revoke sharing of folders and files when needed


paperless document management


  • GoAnywhere MFT

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