BlueFinch | data protection & compliance

As a specialist in data protection and compliance, BlueFinch knows all about the security risks that come from exchanging information. Both between your own employees internally and with suppliers and customers externally. Having the right data protection software in place against outside threats is of vital importance. But the (unintentional) leakage of data through employees is the real Achiles’ heel of any organisation.

If you weren’t already convinced about the necessity of data protection, the new legal framework of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will make sure that you are. All European companies that use and process personal data, need to be compliant by May 2018.

Of course it’s not practical, or realistic to simply stop exchanging information in order to comply. But you can make sure data exchange is done in the safest way possible. BlueFinch can help improve your operations in three different areas:

  • Data Classification
  • Managed File Transfer
  • Data Leakage Prevention

But no security product is sufficient if you don’t train your employees in how to use the software properly and to create awareness about their own role in the process. BlueFinch can play an advising role in adoption and governance as well.

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