Managed File Transfer

Managed file transfer (MFT) is a software based program used to automate the secure exchange of business critical data between your suppliers, customers and employees through a public network (e.g. the internet). MFT software helps you to meet security demands, compliance and operational demands while transferring sensitive information. It’s a save alternative to using unsecure file transfer protocols, such as FTP, HTTP and others.

Recognize this?

The IT department you work for is in a state of complete disarray due to an explosion of new file-transfer and software interfaces. This can simply be because your colleagues have attempted to quickly respond to multiple requests and to demands from the business. As a result of these time and resource pressures documentation is often poorly maintained, and sometimes not updated at all. This in turn, hinders and often delays successful upgrades, migrations, and individual changes. Without adequate documentation and governance the current status cannot be accurately determined and this can also have a considerable knock-on effect when making a change e.g. a business-critical connection with a trading partner or system gets overlooked, or fails, causing damage to your relationship and reputation.

Sound familiar? Is this also happening in your organisation?

Good news! With the right managed file transfer software in place you will have an all-in-one solution that supports multiple secure protocols, alerts you when transfers fail and helps you meet compliance demands. Finally, you can switch off and replace the legacy environment.


You’re already aware that MFT offers a high level of security and control. By now, you are probably also curious to find out about all the features it includes. Here is the extensive list: reporting (e.g., notification of successful file transfers), non-repudiation, auditability, global visibility, automation of file transfer-related activities and processes, end-to-end security, and performance metrics/monitoring.

Are you ready for a managed file transfer tool?

Are you wondering whether the challenges that your company faces in its daily exchange of information -such as among others those described above- can be overcome by a managed file software tool? Then there are a couple of questions you should consider answering first:

  1. How much budget is available for an MFT solution?
  2. How many files do you transfer on a daily base?
  3. How many hours do manual transfers consume?
  4. Are add on modules for emails, forms and folders needed?
  5. What type of information are you exchanging? Sensitive personal data or financial data? (This influences the type of MFT solution that’s best suitable for your needs.)
  6. What is the required support level? Is an MFT solution with a dedicated support team a prime concern?
  7. Does it need to be deployable on-premises, cloud environments or both?

The answers to these questions are a good starting point for discussing your options with an MFT specialist. We’re glad to help.


GoAnywhere MFT software allows streamlines the exchange of data between your systems, employees, customers and trading partners, completely secure and encrypted the entire time.