Managed Services

These days ICT is interwoven with practically every aspect of your operation. However this doesn’t mean that you have to delve into every aspect of ICT for yourself. Because what if your ICT costs continue to increase? Your infrastructure has become so complex that the continuity can no longer be guaranteed? Or you would just rather concentrate on your core activities? Then BlueFinch offers you the benefits of Managed Services.

SLA documentWith our Managed Services we offer you a complete ICT management service package that we completely fit to your wishes and requirements. Whether it concerns complete or partial outsourcing; BlueFinch always offers you the most suitable, efficiency stimulating and cost reducing solution in the area of maintenance, support and business processes.

We provide insight into your ICT costs, giving you more control. And due to the knowledge and expertise of our employees in the area of compliance and security you are assured of the correct knowledge and availability that we can offer you as a management partner. BlueFinch ensures that your systems have the highest level of security and are guaranteed to be operational at all times.

BlueFinch CustomerPortal™

Our Managed Services are provisioned by the BlueFinch CustomerPortal™. This means that user management, functional change requests, billing and cost-routing are all bundled in one user friendly web-based interface. Depending on your requirements custom made reports, dashboards and other functionality can be added.

SLA document


MFT Managed Service

Managed File Transfer is becoming more and more popular as complying with today’s regulations and security risk mitigation is so important. But not every organisation wants to invest in the latest technology or has all the required knowledge available to technically and functionally maintain such a solution.

Therefore BlueFinch introduced MFT as a Managed Service, allowing organisation to focus on their core business while having state-of-the-art MFT capabilities at their fingertips. No initial investment, no hassle but a ready-to-rack solution operational within days.

MFT Managed Service is available as:

  • Cloud solution
  • Private Cloud solution
  • Ready-to-rack appliance
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