SystemScan AIX

How many times have you been told that your system is outdated and is running poorly simply because it is too old, and just no longer up to the job?

SystemScan AIXMany people think that adding new hardware will solve their issues. In the vast majority of cases the hardware is not the problem and significant performance improvements can be realised without having to upgrade. This is especially important today as companies are looking to cut costs and get more for less.

Many businesses buy a system and then run it until it either dies completely or becomes so uneconomical to maintain they are forced to replace it. If a system is properly maintained, it will run better and for far longer.

The comprehensive AIX system auditing solution

SystemScan AIX can help by identifying problems, mistakes, and omissions made during the build phase, helping you to improve the security, performance, and serviceability of your systems.

SystemScan AIX is designed to be as close to “Zero Footprint” as possible which means it does not install any third-party tools or binaries (e.g. Nessus or John the Ripper). It consists of a single RPM which, once removed, leaves only the reports you created. These reports can then be copied to another system for analysis, making it safe to run on systems that contain sensitive or confidential information.

No special AIX software is required for the software to run. All it requires is temporary root access, sufficient space for the reports, and the ability to execute a group of shell scripts.

The code was created using standard Korn/Posix shell-script, or GNU-C in order to make it as generic and portable as possible.

All commands/tests are executed using standard modules (sub-routines) which:

  • Redirect output to the screen and/or log-files
  • Format the output of the command in either raw-text, CSV, HTML, or XML
  • Make use of a standard error logging method
  • Where possible read all definable parameters from a configuration file

All sub-routines are created in a separate program that is called at runtime so that the methods can be pre-loaded.

In summary SystemScan AIX is unique because it focuses on how the actual operating system has been built and configured. It will identify potential security and performance problems that may not even be included in your policies or procedures. SystemScan AIX will improve the way you work now and in the future.

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