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Our team has extensive knowledge of the GoAnywhere file transfer software, and offers several options for you to get the most from your software investment.

BlueFinch Support

At BlueFinch, we are experts at turning moments of frustration into opportunities to earn customer loyalty. The goal of our support desk is to help you quickly to get to the root of the problem and finding solution suitable to your organisation.

The BlueFinch support is available during standard office hours. For more demanding customers with business critical production environments BlueFinch offers complementing support services that provide a higher level of service and commitment:

  • First Line Support – provided by BlueFinch 24×7 with guaranteed response times
  • Professional Services
  • On-site Professional Services

Remote or on-site training

BlueFinch offers both remote and on-site training on how to configure and operate the Managed File Transfer solutions. The on-site training can also be offered as part of the implementation process thus helping you to configure your MFT solution whilst training your staff at the same time.

Web based training is available for an unlimited number of participants.

GoAnywhere Online support and support forum

GoAnywhere customers also have access to a rich library of technical support documentation and user-driven forums (GoAnywhere MFT Support), and we encourage you to access following resources:

  • Online support forum
  • Technical documentation
  • Standard training documents
  • Product training video tutorials

Customers that are current with their Product maintenance fees are eligible for this online support forum, product upgrades and fixes.

For more information please contact BlueFinch.

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